Tereza Nvotova

Czech Republic

Tereza Nvotova

director, script writer, producer

Noah's Rainbow

Noah's rainbow is the metaphor of our vision of human existence on the Earth together with God's promises to forever protect mankind from the flood. The story of the project is specific in a way, it moves from macrocosms to microcosms and vice versa, with the story of biblical Noah as the common element. We try to show Noah’s story in today’s world. From the general analysis about global warming and flooding in the Netherlands and biblical stories, we get to the main character Noah from the Bohemian Forest. He is the actual catalyst of the story: We will get to know him, his family, job, airplanes and his neighbours, a Dutch family whom we will follow from the beginning, capturing their life in the Netherlands, their relocation to a wooden house in the Bohemian forest and their meeting with Noah.


Our film TRANSit will follow life stories of five people whose body (male or female) does not correspond to the psychological picture about their gender. Teenage Edita, who longs to be Eda. Taxi driver Pavel who found out that he is Klára at the age of forty. Doctor Nicole who was born as Ivo. She is one of the oldest transsexual women in our country. Beautiful singer Chrisie with masculine voice. She fathered a son as Chris. During the shooting she commited suicide. Polish transgender activist Viktor, who lives with his boyfriend in Slovakia and wants to set up a family and become a pregnant man. Each character deals with questions about his/her own sexual identity. At the same time every single destiny is an extraordinary story.

War on Women

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