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Nice Ladies

Twice a week a group of women aged from 49 till 73 called ‘Nice Ladies’ are gathering in the sports hall of Kharkiv University for the training. A former gymnast, a railway worker, a journalist, a university teacher, a former police investigator, an entrepreneur, a housewife - all together they are doing jumps, turns and splits preparing a strong show for the European Cheerleading Championship in Slovenia.
The cheerleading is not just their hobby, it’s their true passion. And as well - their escape. Some ladies joined the team to finally allow themselves to shine on stage, another one - to survive the losses of their loved ones, and others - to feel accepted, to be a part of collective where everyone takes you as you are.
Month by month, the team is getting stronger choreographies. They have to learn complex pom-dance routines and do well in Slovenia, so there is no mercy from the trainer - Nice Ladies belong to the category ‘Masters 25+’ facing much younger competitors.
However, the pressure of complying with their social roles of passive babushka’s, caretaking mom’s, obedient wives, conforming colleagues and females at the ‘sunset of their lives’ alongside with country’s weak social security and challenging economic situation, prejudices and ageism, loneliness and health constraints seem as their even stronger enemy.
Will ‘Nice Ladies’ pick up a battle?
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