109 min


A Year Full of Drama

Aasta täis draamat

Režie: Marta Pulk


An announcement for a human experiment is posted – for a paid position to find someone who has never been to theatre before. The task – to watch and review every theatre production in one small country for a whole year. A 21-year-old small town girl Alissija is hired. Coming from the periphery and a Russian-speaking family, she knows nothing about performing arts, yet she decides to take on the challenge of moving to the capital and immersing herself into an outrageous amount of culture. In this new situation, her view of the world starts to expand and as months pass, they invite questions of identity, self and her place in the society. Alissija realises she has no option but to face traumas of the past to redefine herself and a future worth surviving for. Putting the main character through 224 shows in 365 days, “A Year Full of Drama” serves as a true coming of age story, testing the human limit of consuming culture and asking whether art has the power to change a life.


East Silver na 60. ročníku Krakow Film Festivalu
25. 5. 2020

East Silver na 60. ročníku Krakow Film Festivalu

60. ročník Krakow Film Festivalu (online, 31. 5. - 7. 6.) nabídne v rámci KFF Marketu 10 titulů East Silver Karavany. Kiruna - překrásný nový svět bude také součástí programové sekce Docs+Science.
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