83 min

V postprodukci

Když o šábesu přijde Nový rok

Kogda Novy god nastupaet v shabat

Režie: Nikita Pavlov


This is a self-portrait diary movie about a man who gets stuck in between two countries. He left Russia for good and moved to Israel. Soon he found out he is not Russian, because he's already disconnected with almost everything what is going on in Russia, including politics, arts, and even his best friends. But, at the same time, he wouldn't become real Israeli, because he has emigrated in the age when full integration is not possible, thus he'll remain an immigrant forever. At the same time, while living in another country, he can't look at his motherland the same way. So he started to film his trips to Russia and back to Israel, his friends in both countries, he interviewed filmmakers and was shooting just everyday life to compare the absurdities that occur, on different levels, in both countries. Nevertheless, all this is just a backdrop for his own story of fatherhood in the time of divorce.
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