78 min


Village of Swimming Cows

Wies plywajacych krow

Režie: Katarzyna Trzaska


A documentary comedy on an unusual meeting of three neo-hippies from Berlin with Polish farmers from the Eastern Poland.
What happens when alternatively living Berliners meet real farmers? Is the new healthy lifestyle only a passing fashion of rich city dwellers or can it really change the world? What does it meant today to be close to nature?
Ellen, Mario and Jon, 30-year-old members of a spiritual commune – the Spirit Center head east for holiday and work experience. They make longer stay in a small Polish village close to Belarusian border where they rent an old wooden cottage from the local farmer – Stanislav. They meditate, practice acro-yoga, wash naked at the well, eat vegetables found in the garbage bin of a grocery shop so there is less food waste on our planet.


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