90 min

V postprodukci

Obnažené vztahy

Režie: Filip Remunda


The family of “TASCHEN photographer” Vlastimil Kula is living proof that modern society needs to address the transgenerational transmission of trauma. Modern psychology might classify Vlastimil’s father as a disconnected man, he was unable to instill in Vlastimil a sense of security and confidence. As a result, Vlastimil often failed as a father, husband, and partner.

His daughter, professional film editor, Blanka might as well have continued the transmission of trauma to her children. But she decided to take a different path. She has been successfully undergoing therapy for years.

In addition, she decided to make a film about her relationship with father, becoming the narrator and guide on her own therapeutic and film journey. Now, Blanka is returning with a professional film crew and is ready to confront her father about his absence during her childhood, adolescence, and adult life. Both protagonists thus enter a special meditative state similar to family therapy. In their meetings, both return to their childhoods and examine life from surprising perspectives.

The narration follows Blanka as she visits her father over the years 2020 - 2024. She goes trough dramatical ups and downs realising it’s always better to address deep problems rather than to push them aside, causing emotional injury to yourself or to transfer the trauma to next generation.


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