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Pripyat Piano

After Chernobyl tragedy, fifty thousand people were forced to leave their hometown Pripyat. Due to radiation which is still present – they were not allowed come back and Pripyat is now a city of ghosts. Pripyat Piano is a short film poem, discovering unknown layer of this fascinating abandoned place – it`s soundscape.

Thirty years after the disaster, most of the things from Pripyat is stolen or wasted. One of the few things which has left are pianos, as they were too heavy to move away. Who would believe they are still able to play? Director of the film, who is also a music composer, has recorded the sounds of these pianos and composed them into music, which makes original soundtrack of the film.

But sounds of nature, ruined things and houses are not the only sounds left. The disaster heavily settled in local people minds, who had to change their lives. To be able to overcome it – they produced their own songs and lyrics, dealing with this case.

Aleksander Moskalenko is a former head of liquidators who has been responsible for radiation purifying. To balance with the tragedy and not feeling alone in the empty city of Pripyat, Aleksandr is used to sing a various songs, he previously composed with his group of liquidators. Music duo Asfalt is trying to transfer this topic to younger generations. Marianna who had to leave Prypiat as a child is now teaching music in a near village, she is singing other songs of liquidators.

There is no talking in this film. Every occurrence and consequence is told by sound, music or lyrics. Even it is the soundscape of different parts of radioactive area, or concrete singing and playing of people who are shoving their presence in such place. How all these sounds will change, what we are able to see?
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