70 min

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Acting Classes

Уроки Актерского Мастерства

Režie: Sasha Shegai


Vera, 87, ends up in a nursing home against her will. Living in Moscow with her son's family doesn't go well, and Vera is sent back to Almaty to a nursing home. Vera takes the move to heart and hopes to return home. She regularly calls her son. In repeating conversations she's asking him to take her home or at least come visit. Trying to adapt to a new environment, Vera visits a theatre club within the home and gains some skills to make her life a little brighter – she learns to act in given circumstances.
As time passes, the hope to return home diminishes. After a year and a half Vera finally realizes that she's in the nursing home forever, and there's nothing in her life that she can change. But only in real life. In the film she can play out several endings. Using newly acquired theatrical skills, we play out Vera's alternative endings within the walls of the institution. In one of them she's sailing away with a new suitor, in another one – having dinner with her first love.
Vera's tragicomical story passes against the background of the state institution routine. Weird concerts, circus and puppet shows get mixed up with admissions of newcomers, farewells to the passed away, out-of-turn fabricated presidential elections and a political flashmob. Vera's personal story becomes an allegory of a life in a regulated system and attempts not to lose oneself in it. And imagination and dreaming are the main tools in this battle.
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