90 min

Ve výrobě

Acting Classes

Уроки Актерского Мастерства

Režie: Sasha Shegai


Vera, 87, did not expect to spend her life’s end in a nursing home. Her son sold her two
apartments and sent her there, tricking her into “going on vacation in a sanatorium”. Vera
finds herself in a municipal institution. But unlike those who have been living there for
years, Vera has not yet become bitter. She remains friendly and open. Trying to build her
life anew, Vera takes part in casting call for an amateur production of “The Little Prince” at
the home. Open-minded and curious, Vera is perfect for the leading role. Through
rehearsals and readings, we witness her reflection on life and the past, the intolerable pain
of aging, and acceptance of losses. Seemingly cheerful Vera can’t stop thinking of her lost
home. In order to keep herself busy, in addition to rehearsals Vera initiates an affair with a
former convict. Fascinated by primitive gallantry, Vera allows the man to visit her in her
room. But this makes Vera’s neighbor call her a whore and file a complaint to the local
“community court”. After the administration gets in her personal business, Vera gets
broken by the feeling of shame and falls ill. The ex-con finds another woman. Vera’s son
refuses to take her home. But Vera is supported by several women from the acting
classes. She gets herself together and returns to the theater. Vera wants to finally
overcome the past. She calls her son less often, and dives into the rehearsal process.
Vera’s world shrinks to the size of a nursing home, but she decides to become its shining
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