90 min

In production

Acting Classes

Уроки Актерского Мастерства

Directing: Sasha Shegai


Vera, 87, didn’t expect to spend the rest of her life in a nursing home, beguiled by her son
into “spending some time at a retreat”. Forced to comply with the institution rules, Vera goes
through all the stages of acceptance. At first, Vera is holding on to the past, constantly calling
her son in Moscow. She believes she’ll get out of here – since she only has three summer
dresses with her, in the fall she has to go back home. But in early September Vera gets
boxes with all seasonal belongings. Vera realizes there’s no way back and decides to live
her life here and now. She puts on her best outfits to come down for dinners and joins an
amateur theatre group, where a young director is staging Saint-Exupery’s “Little prince” with
the residents. At first, they give Vera a cold shoulder – the isolated society of lonely old
people doesn’t accept newcomers. Especially, if they act like Vera. She doesn’t show off
her former social status, she’s kind and polite. When she starts a romantic relationship with
a former inmate, common attitudes towards her worsen. Her romantic interest is younger

and visits her room regularly. Other women consider Vera’s actions immoral, call her a
whore and hold a community court over her. Vera’s other relief – the theatre – is also under
pressure: she gets the main part, and the other actresses are not happy about it. Some
doubt her ability to memorize the text, others purely envy her or try to say something nasty
and demand to switch the main character to one of the older residents. Vera is broken by
shame and ambiguity, and gets ill. It seems like nothing good is coming ever. The only one
way out is to give up and become one of them – angry, irritated, absorbed in memories and
long passed offenses. But Vera is a tough nut to crack! She overcomes the negativity and
chooses life: learns her lines and stands up to the assaults. Despite the fact that her life
shrinks to the borders of the nursing home, she is ready to become its shining star.
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