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Goodbye Beautiful

In 1941, Miša and Boško joined the Yugoslav Partisan units where a significant
number of children were already active fighters.Boško Buha died in 1943 becoming the youngest “People’s Hero” and acquiring an almost pop culture status throughout post WWII Yugoslavia. At the site of his death, a Memorial Complex was built, where activities for half a million “Yugoslav Pioneers” took place over 30 years. The other boy, Miša Mirković actively fought until the end
and after surviving WWII starred in dozens of feature-length movies becoming one of the most popular actors of Yugoslavia in 50s. He worked as director of the Yugoslav State TV and maintained an active social life, in the company of some of the most influential personalities of post-war Yugoslavia. Almost eighty years after the war, Miša and Boško’s paths cross again when the Memorial complex named after Boško Buha is under threat of sale and Miša, now 90 years old, has one last chance to save his friend’s legacy. This advanture of last living partisans brings valuable insights on life, death and Yugoslavia anti–fascist legacy.
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