Ve vývoji

The Pioneer Oath

Pionirska Zakletva

In 1941 two boys Bosko Buha (16) and Misa Mirkovic (13) fled their villages from the fascists and nationalist militia and joined the Yugoslav Partisan units where a significant number of children were already active fighters. These boys participated in a number of offensives and befriended significant historical figures who went on to create Yugoslavia after the war. Buha died in an ambush in 1943, becoming the youngest National Hero of Yugoslavia. Mirkovic actively fought until the end of the war; he was wounded four times, but remained alive.
The youngest national hero Bosko Buha became a symbol of child soldiers, after whom many schools and theaters would be named, and thanks to the 1978 movie “Bosko Buha”, he acquired an almost pop culture status throughout Yugoslavia. At the site of his death, a memorial complex with accommodation facilities for children was built, where activities for half a million “Yugoslav Pioneers” took place over 30 years.
After surviving the war, Misa Mirkovic starred in two feature-length movies becoming one of the most popular actors of Yugoslavia in 50ts. He worked as a director at the Yugoslav State TV and maintained an active social life, in the company of some of the most influential personalities of post-war Yugoslavia. He received a number of decorations, including an ordination from US President Ronald Reagan.
Presently, in 2019, Miša Mirković lives in a socialist skyscraper with his ill wife and no children. The memorial complex “Bosko Buha” is under threat of sale. Although protected by the highest degree of state cultural heritage, the memorial faces foreclosure due to years of negligence.
Mirkovic and a group of fellow Partizan child fighters, now in their nineties, have organized to stop the sale of “Bosko Buha”. By capturing their effort, to preserve the memory of a dead friend, we are able to witness these last living Partisans lead us through the history of the creation and collapse of Yugoslavia.
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