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Aleph is a experiential film inspired by a short story of Jorge Luis Borges by the same name. It’s a cinematic experience that contemplates the question of what we center our lives around. It develops as a travelogue that searches for that center point, or Aleph. On this journey we meet ten characters in ten different countries of the world who each hold the key as to what this center is. As one story leads to the next, one door opens another, until all the pieces are gathered and the puzzle is complete.

The film follows a set of rules that are given to the viewer ahead of time so that they may join the quest. The journey will be based on the following rules:
- we must start the journey in Argentina, with Borges
- our first protagonist is in Buenos Aires shares the same physical appearance as the man in Borges’ story
- we will spend time with him by asking him a set of questions to find out what the center of his life/world is
- the first protagonist will direct us to the next location and assign the next character we are searching for, either through a dream, a memory, or a desire.
- the same set of questions are given to each protagonist in order to extract their center
- each preceding protagonist will assign the following location/character in the same way
- we stop at 10, because according to Jewish mysticism the meaning of Aleph relates to the origin of the universe where Aleph is also 1, the "primordial one that contains all numbers” and 10 = 1+0 = 1

Aleph is an exciting cinematic approach in which the audience is invited to interact and participate in the magical journey while all the while contemplating the center of their own world. Having pondered or caught a glimpse of what the center might be for them, the viewer leaves the film with an experience of universal unity. The film becomes a cinematic poem, a global conversation on the exploration of the human spirit.
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