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Queen of Chess

LASZLO and KLARA POLGAR, the Hungarian teachers decided to raise geniuses in socialist Hungary as an experiment. ZSUZSA and ZSOFIA both become legendary. When JUDIT, the youngest challenges her all-time favorite master, KASPAROV, the 16-year-old girl gains a draw. For the best player in the world, it is not an easy take from a girl. They keep on fighting until he invites her to his chess camp in Greece. In 2002, JUDIT POLGAR defeats GARRY KASPAROV.
Our audience will understand the parallels between life and chess, enjoy the creatively-cut archive footage and understand the political events from the end of the Cold War through regime change to the 21st century. Get ready for the most dynamic board game challenges and enjoy the growing
tension - while you experience one girl’s struggle in becoming the Queen of Chess.
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