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Once Upon A Family

Porodica na određeno vrijeme

"Once Upon a Family" is a docu-drama that takes us into an otherwise hidden and for
most people disgusting world of mentally different people that society easily rejects and turns into "users". Gorčin and several users enter the mature phase of life chained by demons from the past and the life of a "steppe wolf" in the present. The community tacitly responded to their fate of a dysfunctional family past with moral hypocrisy by holding them accountable to the system that made them residential users of the "Komanski Most" Institution. "Once upon a family" subtly vividly records their lonely everyday life caught in a vicious circle of rejection and self-blame, but also an attempt to find their corner in a society that has rejected them.
On their way, they will have to deal with their own spirits of the past, but also the rulers of
the present, who call everything they do not understand demonic and anti-human. Waiting
for the law on social inclusion of people with mild mental disabilities to pass in the
Montenegrin Parliament, Gorčin and the others are preparing to say a big NO to the way of life and the discipline that has followed them so far and finally try to fit into the "normal society". Through filigree moments of almost lost lives, we ask the question - who is really crazy here?
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