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Swinging Fields

Օրորվում են արտերը մեր՝

On October 16 2008, seven-hundred Armenian couples gathered in a stadium in Stepanakert, the capital city of the de facto Republic of Artsakh, to experience the most memorable day of their lives: a mass wedding. The purpose of the wedding was to boost the birth rate of the region after a destructive war between the Armenians and the Azeris over the independence of the land at the collapse of the Soviet Union. Thirteen years later, SWINGING FIELDS profiles the lives of the children conceived after this wedding. In a cinema verite style, we will expose fragmented stories of a militarized society that has never seen peace. In September 2020, the deadliest war erupted in the region since 1994. Vrej and Alona, our main protagonists, have been struggling with the consequences of this war. Alona was displaced and moved back to her war torn city, where the enemy is now seen on the hill across from her kitchen window. Vrej will be giving up his dreams of becoming a dentist, and instead follow the footsteps of his father who recently fought the war. Those children are building their own stance about the war, their futures and their roles to prosper and protect this invisible land that they call home. What is their destiny? Is this next generation capable of healing from the trauma of loss and war?
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