90 min

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Welcome Tomorrow

Režie: Tomáš HlaváčekMichal Pavlásek


Foyer Europe is a documentary film. It tells a story of a place where three fates of culturally and economically different worlds collide unexpectedly. The document reveals the unequal and dehumanized nature of the globalized world. In the Balkan metropolis Belgrade, a rather symbolic "foyer of Europe", the fates of "unwanted" refugees who are hopelessly imprisoned within impenetrable state borders, collide with the fates of "privileged" Saudi-Arab sheiks who make claim for the city centre through their investment development project, and finally with the fates of "overlooked" people of Belgrade, helpless and powerless against the political and financial forces that take away their right to decide about their own city by involuntarily evicting so a prearranged future can come into place.
The film, through these encounters of local lives with a global context, depicts the conflicts and dynamics shaping the character of the contemporary world, in which the claim to a better future is only for the privileged. The film is a journey exploring the physical, political and emotional archaeology of the contemporary global city.
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