Ve vývoji


The documentary will focus on the work of artist and researcher Martin Howse as he creates his newest work of art. We will film the process as it plays out, as a pilgrimage - a journey to places that specifically relate to the artist’s latest research and planned project focusing on the phenomenon of radioactivity. The art of Martin Howse is based on various types of technology as the manifestation of an alternative mode of philosophical inquiry. The centerpiece of the film is thus an entertaining and charismatic pilgrim creating artistic technological equipment, the aim of which is to transform processes that escape our sensory perception. The invisible becomes audible. The combination of natural processes and technological equipment sharpens the senses and thus sensorily provokes the viewer and offers them new perspectives and interpretations. Radioactivity as such is not the topic of the film, but it is a metaphor for things that we do not perceive because we do not see them, but that are undeniable parts of the world we live in. The documentary takes the viewer on a journey of sharpened sensory perception, offering that as one of the ways to tackle today’s social and ecological crises.
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