85 min


Šťastně až na věky

Režie: Jana Počtová


The world is getting smaller and options are growing wider, borders are disappearing but are we getting closer to each other… or are we drifting further away?

In today's central Europe, it is no longer a norm to get married as soon as we reach adulthood. New times brings new relationship options: we’re singles, often mingles and if we want to have some fun we make friends with benefits. Serial monogamy is getting more complicated, planned polygamy might be the answer but love is often beyond our reach: there is open love, multi love, divorced love...

Happily Ever After will focus on contemporary forms of partnerships. We will introduce a mosaic of at least four stories that differ from the traditional relationships. One couple is polyamorous and lives in a polycule that includes up to 5 people. Second couple decided to have an open relationship and lives in a commune. Third relationship is a married man and a mistress, who seems to be fine with the arrangement. Fourth couple presents something that is not very common these days – life-long commitment of a religious marriage, without premarital sex. Different stories, different relationships, different reasons behind them.

The movie will emphasize the intimacy and fragility of the individual life stories. Using a time-collecting method we will document our protagonists’ relationships, their progress, hardships, compromises and challenges they are facing during one-to two-year period. The director herself will appear as one of the protagonists sharing her journey towards a meaningful relationship.

Together with our protagonists, the director and the film audience we will be looking to answer questions about what partnership means in today’s self-centered world, how traditional demands of the society influence the way we think about relationships and what is the effect of our own behavioral patterns and individual ambitions.
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