Alex Shiriaieff


Alex Shiriaieff


Alex Shiriaieff is a film and TV producer from Sweden. He is the project manager for B2B Doc - Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network. B2B Doc helps the filmmakers from the post-Soviet countries find the ways to the international film financing markets through co-productions with the established European film producers.

B2B Doc trains the filmmakers to adjust their film projects to the market demands, it teaches how to develop the storylines, make an attractive trailer and gives bits of advice on building up the co-production strategy for the film projects. B2B Doc provides the filmmakers with the travel grants to attend the pitching sessions and co-production markets when the film story is ready for that. B2B Doc invites the established international film producers, who are interested in the stories from the post-Soviet countries and Eastern Europe to meet the filmmakers, having these stories.

Since filmmakers from post-Soviet countries are highly skilled, they can also be attractive partners for Nordic or other European filmmakers. There are creative, technical and even financial resources in the post-Soviet countries, and of course, a lot of topics for the documentary films, having an international perspective. This creates a situation to the benefit of all parties involved.

B2B Doc is the effective match-maker for filmmakers from East and West.
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