Inconvenient Films

O společnosti

Human Rights Film Festival “Inconvenient Films” is an annual documentary film festival established in 2007. The mission of this non-profit initiative is to raise awareness on human rights issues around the world and to connect them to those that are present in Lithuania.

By presenting documentaries on various human rights topics, inviting filmmakers and activists from all over the world, organizers hope to encourage public debates on human rights issues and ways to address them.

Despite the project’s social mission and non-commercial character, “Inconvenient Films” is one of the most popular and most visited film festivals in Lithuania as well as the biggest documentary festival in the country. “Inconvenient Films” is so far the only film festival of this kind in the Baltic States.


Inconvenient Films

Smetonos str. 5, office 311, 3 floor
Vilnius, LT
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