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FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Where can I find the Submission Guidelines?

East Doc Platform Guidelines for applicants can be found here.

Who can apply?
Projects from Central and Eastern Europe in development, production and postproduction stage. The selection is also open to the international productions with projects thematically bound to CEE region.

How much is the submission fee?
The application is free of charge.

I have several projects, can I apply with more than one?
Yes, you can apply with more projects per production company.

I am a director with a project, but I am still looking for a producer. Can I apply too?
Unfortunately not, only projects with full team are eligible.

When will I know if my project is selected?
All applicants will be notified about the decision no later than December 18, 2022.

Who are the people attending the event? What decision makers will be there?
It is still early to present you complete guest list, but you could find the list of the guests from 2022 here just to give you some idea about our guests.

Does the presentation video have to made by the director, the producer or both?
Could be both. This should be just a short presentation up to 5 minutes long. Think about it as an „elevator pitch“.

East Doc Market
I would like to apply for the East Doc Market, since my film is almost finished, but I don’t see any application form for that...
We simplified the submission process in order to make things easier for you. You are not applying to specific event, you are simply submitting your project and there is one application for the whole East Doc Platform. All you have to select is the type of your project: Feature or Interactive. During the selection process we will decide, if your project fits better the Forum or Market, and if your project is selected, you will be offered to attend accordingly.

East Doc Forum
What is happening on the 5 days of workshop previous to the pitch and who are the foreseen trainers? Is it more targeted to directors or producers?
It is actually designed for both director and producer, as this is also part of the final session of Ex Oriente Film Workshop. The whole session is focused on the trailer and presentation. The tutors will help you to prepare your trailer (editors and editing rooms will be available). The tutors are not yet confirmed, but they are ranging from producers, editors, consultants etc. One day is also reserved for the pitch rehearsal, imminent feedback and presentation preparation.

Is it mandatory for both, the director and the producer, to attend or can there be only one representative?
We prefer to have the team of at least two representatives (director and producer). For East Doc Market there is no problem, if the project is represented only by one person.

The accommodation fee is per person or for the presenting team? How many nights are we expected to stay/ are included?
The fee covers accommodation for the team of two persons (shared room) and includes lunches during your stay.

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