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About East Doc Interactive

East Doc Interactive is a creative lab and networking session within East Doc Platform that is designed for XR creators coming from Central and Eastern Europe. Over the course of 3 days the participants will consult their upcoming XR projects in development and production stage with international experts coming from the artistic, technological, or film scene.

The East Doc Interactive is open to all kinds of non-fiction interactive and immersive projects from Central & Eastern Europe, covering any projects with an innovative and cutting-edge approach to the possibilities of new media storytelling and the medium itself. Not only are XR-projects (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, 360°-film) allowed to take part, but also cross-media projects, linear documentaries with interactive, engaging internet platforms and multimedia. The projects can be at any stage of development, production or post-production.

Up to five projects are selected for the workshop. We want to initiate new collaborations and enable support from the XR industry. At the end of the workshop the projects will be presented within the interactive pitch at the East Doc Forum, which is the key place to build partnerships, secure funding, and receive in-depth feedback from the international market. All projects will benefit from the one-on-one meetings with industry professionals from the interactive storytelling field, broadcasters, funders and advisors. These meetings will take place right after the pitch presentation.

Selected projects:
Fresh Memories (dir. Volodymyr Kolbasa & Ondřej Moravec, prod. Ondřej Moravec & Robin Pultera, Czech Republic, Ukraine)
The Life Beneath Our Feet (dir. Thom Vander Beken, prod. Marc Goyens, Belgium)
Panel Program (dir. Botond I. Tobai, Peter Becz, prod. András Szabó, Hungary)
Dream Screen (dir. Johannes Krell, prod. Ayla Güney,  Germany)
Humart (dir. Michał Stankiewicz , prod. Justyna Nowak, Poland, USA)

When: March 28 - March 30, 2023
Where: French Institute in Prague, CZ

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