Czech Docs: Coming Soon (March 29)

21. 3. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

During the East Doc Platform, on March 29 at 4:30 pm (CET) at Kino 35 (French Institute in Prague), five Czech upcoming feature documentaries will presented by the producer-director teams to an audience of representatives of leading international film festivals, sales agents, distributors, and to the wide public. This event is organized in cooperation with the Audiovisual Producers’ Association (APA). Moderated by Diana Tabakov (DAFilms).


Presented Czech Docs 2022:
Blix (dir. Greta Stoklassa, prod. Radovan Síbrt, CZ, SE, DE)
Sometimes just telling the truth is not enough.

The Visitors (dir. Veronika Lišková, prod. Kristýna Michálek Květová, CZ, NO, SK)
An ideal utopian home ... or a harbinger of an impending apocalypse? A story of a young Czech anthropologist during her two years-long research on Svalbard in a poetic and intimate Arctic documentary western.

So Far from Mikulov (dir. Marie Dvořáková, prod. Pavel Berčík, CZ, SK)
A small-town photographer from Europe takes New York by storm. But at what price?

CAMERRAMAN (dir. Jana Hojdová, prod. Michal Sikora, CZ)
An aspiring Czech filmmaker, Jana Hojdova, embarks on a journey into the mind of cinematographer Rober Richardson, a three-time Oscar winner who has shot some of Hollywood’s most iconic films.

The Investigator (dir. Viktor Portel, prod. Hana Blaha Šilarová, CZ, HR)
Former Czech investigator of the Hague Tribunal returns to Balkans, to places where the war crimes were committed nearly 30 years ago. Can justice be brought from the outside?

Czech Docs: Coming Soon presentation is in English, free of charge, and is part of the East Doc Platform 2022, organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in cooperation with One World Festival. 

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