90 min

Post production

World between Us

Svět mezi námi

Directing: Marie Dvořáková


Our film is a story of the American dream. A dream shared by many around the world, only a fraction of whom manage to make it happen.

Marie came to America hoping to give her life new meaning. The small town she came from, Mikulov, with its lazy, almost static atmosphere, was no challenge for a young painter. America has been a dream for Czechs for hundreds of years – a dream of fame, success, exoticism, and unlimited opportunities.

New York has been a catalyst for Marie. She changed her artistic field and appearance and broke through in the extremely competitive environment of the New York photography scene. Because she met Thomas. Thomas is an art theorist, a sedentary intellectual, and Marie an active artist, a loose cannon full of restless, lively energy. They complement each other perfectly. Without Thomas, Marie would not have discovered her talent. Without his support, she would not have developed it further. Thomas is Marie's friend, her family, her fixed point in the ever-changing environment of New York.
We follow a three-year phase in the personal and professional lives of Marie and Thomas, partners in work and in life - their passion and obsession for art, their fearlessness to make their vision a reality, and the boundless effort that requires. The film thus becomes a testimony to the moments that shape the young artists' careers, with all the uncertainties and obstacles they must overcome on the way to make their dreams come true.

The film is about a young artist's desire to be accepted in a new place, but also to be recognized in the place she left. Marie no longer feels at home in her native Mikulov, nor does she feel like she belongs in America. The phenomenon of pulling up one’s roots, migrating elsewhere, and finding a new home in a foreign land is a universal theme that we intend to develop in the film.


Czech Docs: Coming Soon (March 29)
21. 3. 2022

Czech Docs: Coming Soon (March 29)

During the East Doc Platform, on March 29 at 4:30 pm (CET) at Kino 35 (French Institute in Prague), five Czech upcoming feature documentaries will presented to sales agents, distributors and film fans.
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