Watch the recording of Female Voices in Film Production

30. 3. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

Watch the discussion with the EMERGING PRODUCERS 2022 Charlotte Hailstone, Dragana Jovović, Melissa Lindgren and Natalia Libet. Moderated by Maša Marković.

According to a recent European Audiovisual Observatory report, documentary film is a genre with the highest proportion of titles produced by female-driven teams. And yet, women make up only 33% of producers working in European feature films. According to the report, women tend to work in teams more often than their male colleagues and are less likely than men to be the sole professionals working in a given role on a feature film. What is the personal experience of four up-and-coming female producers from Serbia, Sweden, UK and Ukraine, and what are the specifics of these diverse European regions? Do the environments in documentary and fiction films differ?

These topics were discussed by the EMERGING PRODUCERS 2022:
Charlotte Hailstone, Hailstone Films, United Kingdom
Dragana Jovović, Non-Aligned Films, Serbia
Melissa Lindgren, Story, Sweden
Natalia Libet, DGTL RLGN, Ukraine

Moderated by Maša Marković - CineLink Manager at Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina

IDF Industry Sessions series is organized by the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague.

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