Watch the recording of the Intensive Life Unit discussion

21. 11. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

Dr. Dobos Atilla from Hungarian cultural anthropology association and Olivera Kapetanović, head of psychosocial support in La Verna - Palliative Care, discuss Adéla Komrzý's film Intensive Life Unit and a palliative care. Moderated by Saša Michailidis.

INTENSIVE LIFE UNIT (2021, Adéla Komrzý, Czech Republic)
Thanks to modern medicine and technological advances, we can keep a patient alive almost indefinitely. When is it possible to stop? This is the question asked by filmmaker Adéla Komrzý, who spent three years documenting the Palliative Care Unit at the VFN in Prague. The focus of the palliators' attention is the person, they communicate with each patient and try to help them decide what is actually good for them in the context of artificial life prolongation. The film is accompanied by the pioneers of Czech palliative care, Kateřina Rusinová and Ondřej Kopecký, who in the film approach the main question of palliative medicine: how to live a good life with illness?

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