Watch the recording of Rewriting the Story: A Case Study of Love Is Not an Orange

28. 11. 2022

Author: Veronika Zýková

Watch the recording of a discussion Rewriting the Story: A Case Study of Love Is Not an Orange with director Otilia Babara, producer Hanne Phlypo and editor Pierpaolo Filomeno. Moderated by Natalia Imaz.

How to deal with the film project when your initial story changes and you have to start creating a completely new film? How does it affect obligations that a producer has when making the whole funding strategy? Love Is Not an Orange is a beautiful and strong film created fully from personal archives. What was the role of an editor in the whole creative process? Learn about the archive research, creating of a narration and overall structure, and about the production challenges that the film team was dealing with.

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