KineDok online screening + discussion: House of Dolls

30. 11. 2022

Author: Anna Jurková

The third of KineDok's international online events is coming up. This time you can look forward to the Romanian documentary House of Dolls, which you can watch from 8 to 13 December for free online on KineDok's website. The film will be available in KineDok countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary and Georgia) and will be available with English/Czech/Slovak/Hungarian/Romanian/Georgian or Croatian subtitles. In order to watch it for free, you must enter a voucher, which you can request by emailing us at

On Monday, 12 December at 7PM (GMT+1), there will be an international Facebook discussion on the documentary, whose guests will be introduced soon.

HOUSE OF DOLLS (2020, Tudor Platon, Romania)
The debut of Romanian documentary filmmaker Tudor Platon follows the story of five women in their seventies who go on an annual holiday in the countryside. The week-long trip offers the director a unique opportunity to enter the universe of these seventy-year-old ladies. Cica - the director's grandmother, Nana - the godmother and other friends relax together, sharing their life stories full of nostalgia, funny stories, gossip and everyday troubles. Away from all worries, they speculate about the existence of time and enjoy their moments together. "Life can be hard, but moving on and having fun helps." Glimpses into their lives through conversations full of useful life wisdom and scenes shot with the lightness of the moment present a picture of long-standing friendship and generational understanding.

Facebook event: Screening

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