KineDok discussion: Documentaries and Social Media Impact. Navigating the Pros and Cons of Digital Presence

1. 6. 2023

Author: Anna Jurková

The digital era defined by constant connectivity and information overload transforms the way documentaries are told, shared and experienced. Where do Emmy-award winning filmmakers Vickie Curtis and Christi Cooper stand on this issue? Moderated by Jaime Jacobsen. This discussion is in English language and you can watch it now for free on our Facebook  and YouTube channel.

Jaime Jacobsen is an award-winning filmmaker and a passionate advocate for using the medium of film to engage audiences in the pressing issues of our time. Her passion for film has taken her to every continent except Antarctica. She has led documentary trips for National Geographic student expeditions in Australia and Tanzania, produced films for Engineers Without Borders in Kenya, and taught filmmaking at Notre Dame University-Louaize in Lebanon.

Vickie Curtis is a writer and filmmaker working to bring impactful stories and memorable characters to life. She was the recipient of the 2021 Emmy Award for nonfiction film writing for her work on The Social Dilemma (Sundance, Netflix Original). Vickie is drawn to stories that reveal the inhumane systems behind our existential crises, as well as stories about activated artists who work to transform and transcend those systems. Her work as a writer and story architect also includes the Emmy-winning film Chasing Coral, Island Soldier, We Are Guardians, Anbessa, Classic, and Frame By Frame. Vickie is currently in post production on her directorial debut, COMPARSA.

An Emmy-award winning cinematographer with a PhD in Neuroscience and an MS in Microbiology, Christi focuses her storytelling and visual narratives on issues of justice and impact by creating human connections to the most pressing issues of our time. She left a successful academic and research career in Europe to obtain an MFA in Science & Natural History Filmmaking. In 2011, Christi co-created Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery, a 10-part documentary series featuring youth plaintiffs suing their state governments over climate change, with WITNESS, a social justice/human rights organization focused on using film for social change.

This project is supported by US Embassy, Creative Europe MEDIA, International Visegrad Fund, The Czech Film Fund and the Prague City Hall.

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