East Silver Caravan Award goes to project December

12. 9. 2023

Author: Barbora Hrubá

The award ceremony at the end of AJB DOC Industry Days marks a tremendous success for director Grzegorz Paprzycki. As his documentary project December just received the East Doc Caravan Award.

The award grants the recipient festival distribution support for one year, starting after the project is completed. Through East Silver Caravan, the film will be submitted to international film festivals, and the Institute of Documentary Film will help with the overall festival strategy. 

December is a creative documentary, which focuses on the contemporary perception of migrants from the Middle East and Africa. People’s indifference is juxtaposed with hostility and empathy, creating a tapestry of modern European society. 
The project participated in the Ex Oriente Film 2022 training and East Doc Platform 2023. It is currently in production and estimated to be finished in May 2024.


December brings exceptional cold and snowfall to Europe. The existing order is destroyed not only by the harsh weather but also by "strangers" who want to get into the territory of the European Union. Some people try to live as if nothing has changed and get ready for the approaching Christmas. Others join the battle, and depending on their views, they either fight with the "strangers" or try to save their lives. 

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