IDF Delegation is heading to Georgia for CinéDOC festival

18. 9. 2023

Author: Barbora Hrubá

Institute of Documentary Film is sending three representatives to this year’s event - Zdeněk Blaha, Programme Director; Ivana Formanová, KineDok Manager and Dominik Vontor, KineDok Coordinator. They will be a part of a jury a panel discussion, and much more. 

“CinéDoc is a testament to the resilience of the community of Georgian filmmakers. Although the industry has been facing many hardships and borderline censorship, Georgia remains one of the industry hot spots that deserves international attention. We look forward to meeting with our Georgian colleagues, sharing our know-how and expressing our support for their efforts to protect free speech and artistic freedom,” says Zdeněk Blaha, IDF Programme Director.

Members of the Czech delegation are among the guest speakers at the Workshop for Educational Films. You can see them on Wednesday, September 20th, from 12:00 to 12:30 at the panel Distribution Channels and Educational Screenings Outside Cinemas. Zdeněk Blaha will also be a member of the Short Documentary Film Competition Jury.  

This year's festival also includes five documentaries from the KineDok collection: Divas - first and foremost a film about finding oneself, the importance of friendship, the art of appreciating oneself and discovering one’s dreams; The Northeast Winds - a compelling look at Stalin's birthplace, the city where you meet diehard Stalinists as well as young people who don’t really care about the dictator anymore; Ana’s Trial - a film that tells the story of a young, strong, female lawyer who challenges a system created by men; Too Close - heart-wrenching film that explores what do you do when, through no fault of your own, you become an outcast in your own home; Museum of the Revolution - a beautifully composed intense film that juxtaposes unrealised socialist dream of building a monumental museum with lives of three women with no home and no future. 

By the end of the festival, we’ll also have an exciting announcement. So stay tuned and follow our social media.

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