Czech Cinema Now! at goEast

5. 4. 2017

Author: Marta Obršálová

The 17th edition of the goEast 2017 - Festival of Central and Eastern European Film will be taking a close look at the film scene of the Czech Republic with a diverse selection of current fiction features, documentaries and treasures of the film archive. Within the programme will be held also a panel discussion about the Czech film with Czech filmmakers and representatives of film institutions (29.4.2017, 4.00 PM, Festivalzentrum). Czech poster art enthusiasts can look forward to the exhibition “Czechoslovak Film Poster 1960 -1989“. The works of renowned poster artists will be shown for a whole month at Stadtmuseum am Markt – starting April 4, 2017. Across the sections, many more Czech cinematic highlights are planned, for example a reading by author and script writer Jaroslav Rudiš. The co-operation partners for the country focus Czech Cinema Now! are the Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) and the Czech Film Center. The documentary part of the programme was supported by State Cinematography Fund.

Among Czech documentaries screened in Wiesbaden belongs:
FC ROMA / CZ 2016 / Rozálie Kohoutová, Tomáš Bojar (April 27, 8pm, Apollo) together with a short film REPUBLIKA JÁGR / CZ 2016 / Ondřej Šálek. The director of FC ROMA Tomáš Bojar with the producer Pavla Janoušková Kubečková from the production company nutprodukce will attend the screening.
NORMAL AUTISTIC FILM / CZ 2016 / Miroslav Janek (April 30, 6 pm, Festivalzentrum).
THE DANGEROUS WOLRD OF DR. DOLEČEK / CZ 2015 / Kristýna Bartošová (April 30, 8 pm, Festivalzentrum). The director of the film Kristýna Bartošová will be present at the screening.
MALLORY / CZ 2015 / Helena Třeštíková (May 1, 8 pm, Festivalzentrum)

Czech feature films at the festival selection:
SCHMITKE / CZ, GE 2014 / Štĕpán Altrichter (April 28, 10 pm, Apollo)
FAMILY FILM / CZ, SI, FR, GE 2015 / Olmer Omerzu (April 28, 4 pm, Apollo and April 30, 8 pm, Kino Palatin, May 1, 8 pm, Kinocenter Gießen), together with a short film I♥ / CZ 2016 / Lenka Benešová (April 28, 4 pm, Apollo)
THE WAY OUT / CZ, FR 2014 / Petr Vaclav (April 29, 8 pm, Festivalzentrum)
I, OLGA HEPNAROVA / CZ, PL, SK, FR 2016 / Tomáš Weinreb, Petr Kazda (May 1, 10 pm, Apollo).

At the goEast will compete four current productions from the Czech Republic: The Teacher by Jan Hřebejk (Czech-Slovak minority co-production), Filthy by Tereza Nvotová and a documentary Teaching War by young director Adéla Komrzý.

Other Czech films in different festival´s sections:
TO SEE THE SEA / CZ 2014 / Jiří Mádl (April 28, 9 am, Caligari)
LOVE HARVESTS IN SUMMER / CS 1964 / Ladislav Rychman together with a short film ČESKÉ HRADY A ZÁMKY / CS 1914 / Karel Hašler (April 28,  2 pm, Caligarri)
THE APPLE GAME / CS 1976 / Věra Chytilová (April 28, 8 pm, Murnau)
ADORAMA / CZ, USA 2016 / Roman Štětina (April 27 – May 7, 8 pm, Museum Wiesbaden)

The goEast film festival will present the full range of Central and Eastern European cinema from April 26th to May 2nd in Wiesbaden, Germany. 

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