Awards granted at id w / interactive documentary workshop

2. 5. 2017

Author: zbla

The fifth edition of id w / interactive documentary workshop: a project development programme for expanded documentaries (22-26. 4. 2017, Nyon), presented 12 interactive factual projects last week. Among them where also 5 projects, which participated in Doc Tank and Ex Oriente Film workshop in the past. 

Among the selected projects was 3rd Bridge by Can Aksan, Beyza Meşe (Turkey), a playful, artistic way how to face the radical changes in Turkey with poetry and images; Aleph by Iva Radivojevic (USA), which was presented at East European Forum in 2016; Constructing Putin, interactive journey to Russia with the question „who is Vladimir Putin?“ by Vladimír Cháb and Elizabeth Rocha Salgado (Czech Republic); Pre-Crime – a predictive policing simulator by Michaela Pnacekova and Jan Joost Verhoef (Germany), project follows the topic the documentary of the same name by Matthias Heeder and Monika Hielscher, which was just premiered at Hot Docs in Canada.

One of the projects was also Teslafy.Me by Sonja Bozic and Janja Glogovac (Slovenia, USA), which won the id w / interactive documentary workshop award at East Doc Platform 2017 and became the first project developed within the partnership of Institute of Documentary Film’s Doc Tank, id w and !FLab, where the project continues now.

The id w / interactive documentary finished with a final pitch of the 12 projects and three awards where granted:

The Cross Video Days invitation to attend the highly competitive Cross Video Days Content Market, to be held in Paris, 2.-4. October, 2017, to Pre-Crime by Michaela Pnacekova and Jan Joost Verhoef (Kloos & Co OST, DE), an interactive predictive policing simulation where predictions are made based on data and algorithms, and where everyone is a potential suspect. In this gaming experience, learn how the usage predictive softwares can have consequences in the near future.

The European Social Documentary (ESoDoc) official invitation to attend the last session of its residential programme, to be held in Vilnius the 15.-21. October, 2017, to Afroroutes, by Selim Harbi and Med Arbi Soualhia; Germany/ Tunisia, an immersive VR journey through the diverse slavery roads, documenting and exploring todays afro-cultures, rites and traditions worldwide.

The Institute of Documentary Film invitation to attend the next edition of East Doc Platform (March 2018), to Big Vilage, by Beri Shalmashi, Judith van der Velden and Lyangelo Vasquez (NL), a transmedia documentary project composed by a series of narratives in which we go back to the days the bombs fell on a Kurdish peshmerga village were filmmaker Beri Shalmashi stayed with her revolutionary parents.

The statement of IDF for selecting the project Big Village:

The project we decided to award is one which touched us most by it's very personal story of a search for the family roots, for the past long gone and the personal memories of people involved. It impressed us by its various, independent parts, such as interactive web, book and film, that all contribute to the complete story. Our choice is Big Village, a transmedia project developed by Beri Shalmashi, Joost Wilgenhof, Hyper Epic and Kaliber Film.

The project is invited to participate in the East Doc Platform 2018, will receive observer pass to attend all the events, lectures and masterclasses, will have consultations and individual meetings with tutors and guests of East European Forum.

For more information visit: http://idw.supsi.ch

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