The Yes Men Are Revolting and Mike Bonanno in Prague

11. 5. 2017

Author: Ivona Remundov√°

Meet the legendary Yes Men activist Mike Bonanno after screening of his latest film The Yes Men Are Revolting.

In 2003, the United States witnessed the birth of a brand new phenomenon. Igor Vamos alias Mike Bonano and Jacques Servin – also known as Andy Bichlbaum – disguised themselves as representatives of World Trade Organisation and set out to speak to businessmen from international textile corporations. They informed them about the possibility of controlling their lazy employees using special „managerial leisure suits“ capable of delivering electric shocks to stimulate their efficiency. Its results could be watched on a screen attached to a special suit resembling a giant golden penis.

Another mystification made them distribute hamburgers to the attendees of a lecture dealing with the intricacies of an ingenious invention called the RE-burger. Their delicacy was said to be made of human faeces obtained in the West and intended for the poor inhabitants of the developing countries. They rose to international fame through a gig in which they dressed up as spokespeople for the American corporation called Daw Chemicals. In that particular case they addressed the viewership of BBC and announced the company was ready to offer compensation to the victims of the Bhopal accident – the greatest industrial catastrophy of all times.

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