New Czech-German documentary festival ELBE DOC.K

9. 5. 2018

Author: Veronika Zýková

New Czech-German festival ELBE DOC.K, connected with the 12th edition of Pavel Koutecký Award, will bring contemporary Czech and German documentaries, as well as documentaries presented at prestigious international festivals, to Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic (from May 16th to 20th), and to Dresden, Germany (from May 24th to 26th).

This year 104 filmmakers submitted 83 documentaries. The jury have chosen five full-length and four short films:
When the War Comes (Až přijde válka, dir. Jan Gebert)
God forsaken (Bohu žel, dir. Saša Dlouhý)
Nothing Like Before (Nic jako dřív, dir. Lukáš Kokeš & Klára Tasovská)
The Lust for Power (Mečiar, dir. Tereza Nvotová)
The Russian Job (Švéd v žigulíku, dir. Petr Horký)

Bo Hai (dir. Dužan Duong)
Transformations / Vapors / Melanosis (Transformace/Výpary/Melanosis, dir. Michal Kindernay)
Prague. A foreigners perspective (Praha očima cizincůdir. Daria Kashcheeva)
Úhorná (dir. Matěj Šmelko)

In the 12 years of its existence, Pavel Koutecký Award gained recognition among filmmakers. This year, the award has undergone major changes. It will be connected with the Czech-German festival called ELBE DOC.K. The Czech part will take place in Ústí nad Labem from May 16th to 20th and the German part will take place in Dresden from May 24th to 26th. The programme includes not only the nominated documentaries, but also German titles To be a Teacher (Zwischen den Stühlen, dir. Jakob Schmidt), This Ain't California (dir. Marten Persiel) or Brother Jakob (Bruder Jakob, dir. Eli Roland Sachs). Documentaries successful at prestigious festivals, such as Cannes, IDFA or Sundance, are part of the programme as well. The festival also offers rich accompanying programme, including discussions (covering contemporary internet and TV trends) and music programme (Czech and German musicians and DJs).

You can find detailed information about both the Czech and the German part of the festival on the website of ELBE DOC.K.

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