The Russian Job

Švéd v žigulíku

The former Lada factory, built in the Russian city of Tolyatti in the 1960s, was meant to show the Western world the miracle of Soviet prosperity. The perfect utopia that none dared to doubt. More than five decades later, the plant has been losing billions of rubles every year as it slowly decays. And none dare to touch it.

A Swedish power-manager is hired to bring the miracle of the capitalist business model to the struggling factory. Bo Inge Andersson, a former soldier who’s already resurrected one Russian automaker, comes to Tolyatti with a small team and a big goal: to be the very first non-Russian at the helm of the company. And none dare to oppose him. Yet.

As his fight for the future of the factory starts, the world around him begins to unravel. This larger-than-life Soviet dream
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