KineDok evening: upcoming documentaries and When the War Comes gala premiere

14. 10. 2018

Author: Veronika Zýková

An alternative distribution platform and a unique film club, KineDok, hosted a documentary evening in Světozor Cinema on Monday, October 8, 2018. The special evening included the presentation of nine upcoming Czech/co-production documentaries and two foreign productions. The presentation was followed by the gala premiere of Jan Gebert's documentary, When the War Comes. KineDok evening was hosted by documentary filmmaker and actress Petra Nesvačilová and Bohdan Bláhovec, documentary filmmaker and KineDok manager.

Presented projects:
Czech Journal: Okumara Brothers (dir. Filip Remunda, co-prod. Petr Kubica, Česká televize) 
Kiruna 2.0 (dir. Greta Stocklassa, prod. Analog Vision, co-prod. Studio FAMU)
A New Shift (dir. Jindřich Andrš, prod. Augustina Micková, Miloš Lochman - molokofilm s.r.o., co-prod. FAMU, Czech TV)
Thin Ice (dir. Rozálie Kohoutová, Tomáš Bojar, prod. Cinema Arsenal, co-prod. Česká televize)
Lust for Life (dir. Radovan Síbrt, prod. Karel Poupě, PINK) 
VIVA VIDEO, VIDEO VIVA (dir. Adéla Komrzý, prod. UPP)
Another Chance (dir. Eva Tomanová, prod. Jiří Konečný, Endorfilm, co-prod. Česká televize) 
Illusion (dir. Kateřina Turečková, prod. FAMU)
Comfortable Century (dir. Jaroslav Kratochvíl, prod. Petr Polák, Studio Petrohrad)

The presentations by directors and producers included fresh film trailers. Trailers of two scuccessful films, which are also nominated for the Silver Eye Award, were screened as well: Chris the Swiss (dir. Anja Kofmel) and A Woman Captured (Bernadette Tuza-Ritter).
After a break the audience enjoyed the gala premiere of Jan Gebert's documentary When the War Comes, first screened at Berlinale Panorama.

The documentary portrays Peter, who at first glance lives the life of a typical European teenager – he lives with his parents, has a pretty girlfriend and he got into college. However, his real life is elsewhere – as the head of a paramilitary group called “Slovenskí Branci” that recruits hundreds of Slovak teenagers with the silent approval of the authorities. The group’s goal is simple – to prepare for war time and create a model community based on military drill, obedience and fear. Peter dreams that one day he will be able to convince the entire society as a great politician.

Photo: Petr Zewlakk Vrabec

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