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The Real Love

14. 2. 2019

Author: Valentine Docutine

Love has many faces. From a passionate love between lovers, to motherly love to her children, or even a love to one’s hobby. The passion is always here. Today, on the occasion of celebrating the day of love, here is a list of documentary films about love you should not miss.

The Place of Love (dir. Liuba Zemtsova) – four people, for love stories, one place where all meet – a unique look at the love troubles of four people with light mental illness. With love from Belarus.

Blind Loves (dir. Juraj Lehotský) – The true love is inside of us. They also say the love is blind. In this case, the heroes are blind, but they see the true love. A heart-warming, eyes-opening documentary about blind people and their love troubles.

Gangster of Love (dir. Nebojsa Slijepcevic) – a docu-comedy about Nedjeljko, a lovely „gangster“, who devoted his life to help people find their soulmates. But one day, there is Maya, young girl in search of a boyfriend. Will Gangster succeed to find her a love of her life?

Matchmaking Mayor (dir. Erika Hníková) – also in this case one man decides to help others to find their partners. But the thing is, the man is a mayor of a small Slovakian village and matchmaking is his way to save his village and bring kids back to its streets.

I Will Marry the Whole Village (dir. Željko Mirković) – apparently, many people feel the need to help others to marry. In this Željko Mirković’s classic film, Peca, an accordion player, goes on a journey to get all the single men in his village married. His motto become „I’m going to marry the whole village, even if I regret it“.

I Love You & I Don't Love You (dir. Alexander Rastorguev) – our list wouldn’t be complete without this documentary double-feature, a very unique film experiment by Pavel Kostomarov and tragically late Alexander Rastorguev, where the authors gave cameras to several young people in order to record their every day lives in Rostov-on-Don. The result is a stunning, naked portrait of contemporary Russian youth.

Unconditional Love (dir. Rafal Lysak) is a very personal and humorous journey of love of the director himself and the story of his coming out. How to tell your extremely religious, 80-years old grandma, that you are not in love with a girl, but a boy?

Stream of Love (dir. Ágnes Sós) –Sex and an old age is by majority people still considered as a kind of a taboo, a non-existent thing. But these Transylvanian grannies will prove you wrong. A very cheerful and uplifting portrait of several old charming ladies from a small mountain village talking about their love and sexual adventures.

You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (dir. Paweł Łoziński) – “What does the word "love" really mean?” is the key question that is asked by Polish master, Paweł Łoziński, in his last documentary film, which captures the tragedy of two women, mother and daughter, bound together by a difficult, complicated feeling. By re-capturing their therapeutic sessions, a very moving, intimate portrait of one love is revealed.

Cinema, mon amour (dir. Alexandru Belc) is a love story of a different kind, a love between a man and his work. This is a story of Viktor Purice, one of the last Romanian cinema managers, who still believes that the spectators will one day come back to his cinema Dacia. In his Don Quixote fight he is not willing to give up. This is a story of real passion and a true love of cinema.

Avec l'amour (dir. Ilija Cvetkovski) – Dionis, an aging biology teacher, is the same kind of a person as the previous hero – a man of passion, who loves, what he does. In his case, collecting old Yugoslavian cars. And his dream is to setup a museum dedicated to his collection. Will he achieve his dream?

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