East Silver at Moscow IDFF DOKer

3. 4. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Institute of Documentary Film's activity East Silver brings to Moscow International Documentary Film Festival DOKer three films wich will have Russian premiere at the festival. Walter Nagy, East Silver Caravan coordinator, will present East Silver activities at the panel discussion on Saturday, April 6. 

Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob? by Stefan Bohun will be screened in the Main Competition. This personal film about both farewell and reunion is also in the programme of the upcoming Visions Du Réel.
The scattered archival footage, showing the brothers as children and teens – on mountain tops in summer, swimming together, wildly dancing and cavoting – impart an unforeseen levity. The search starts in the Tyrolean valley Lareintal and eventually ends in a hotel room in Porto with the realisation that this is not particularly a film about sadness but the necessity of grief. And about finding those who accompany us in life.

Ksenia Elyan's How Big Is the Galaxy, which is part of East Silver Caravan, will be screened in the Main Competition as well.
Zakhar lives among the vast Arctic spaces of Siberia, 100 miles away from human dwellings. He is 7, but he has his own reindeer and tundra for pasture. One day his nomad family is joined by a teacher, sent by the authorities to explain to the kids why why they need math and Putin. It’s the 1st grade for Zakhar and the 3rd for his brother Prokopy. The teacher is supposed to give them a standard set of knowledge, but Zakhar craves answers to millions questions about the world. 

Another remarkable East Silver title, No Obvious Signs by Alina Gorlova, tells a story of a woman who returns from war. It is part of Dok Therapy programme section.
Talking to psychologists, battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to normal life. The documentary shows her path from the beginning of her rehabilitation till her going back to work.

On Saturday, April 6, East Silver Caravan coordinator Walter Nagy will join the discussion about the current state of Russian documentary production and will also talk about the East Silver Caravan and East Silver Market. 

The programme also includes Days of Madness (dir. Damian Nenadic) in Dok Therapy section. The film is part of KineDok 2019 collection, screened in sever partner countries.

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