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10. 4. 2019

Author: IDF

Five East Silver documentaries are part of Visions du Réel Media Library, available from April 5 to July 14, 2019, to Industry accredited professionals.

Crazy Against the Nation
 (dir. Adam Hanuljak, prod. Tomáš Kaminský – Mandala Pictures, 2018, SK, 72')
"New busts, memorials, street names are popping up across Slovakia. Erected names don’t have to pass critical investigation, involvement with fascist or communist regime is overlooked or what is more, highlighted. This is a situation where our protagonist Peter Kalmus steps in. For some he is an agile activist, performer, artist. For the rest a vandal, lunatic, psychopath or the “fucker” of Slovak nation. His mission is to remind the society of black chapters of common history. He provokes, he plays a jester, he is a bad conscience of apathetic society. He is needed. Actually, he is local, Slovakian, Pussy Riot."

Kerro 40 (dir. & prod. Aljona Surzhikova, 28', ES, 2019)
"Kerro 40 is a story about unique cultural heritage which already 40 years takes place in Estonian countryside called Käru. It is a community based regular events which organized during a year starting from September till May. The core of those activities is classical dance culture and Estonian traditional folklore. Documentary's Kerro 40 author Aljona Surzhikova follows representatives of 3 different generations which actively participate in organization those events and popularization of a strong tradition among younger inhabitants in and outside of Käru community. Lembit Eensoo started to join Kerro events almost 40 years ago, a lot of things are different now. Inge Nuia is taking part in Kerro club activities for 22 years. She started to join the club together with her mum."

Waiting for a Miracle (dir. Aljona Surzhikova, prod. Ülo Pikkov – silmviburlane, 14', ES, 2018)
"The family is waiting for a baby birth. Happyness is in the air, but there is a huge problem changing the situation. We see the most tabu topic in the film, the birth and the death."

Uncle Sasha, or One Flew Over Russia (dir. Tatyana Soboleva, prod. Sergey Zernov – Gorky Film, 58', RU, 2018)
"Uncle Sasha is an inventor, philosopher, collector and an incredible man. He calculated where the historical center of Russia is located and moved there from Moscow with his wife 30 years ago. He was full of dreams to revive this village. He raised 10 children, but they went to the city, and the neighbors also left the place. Roads and bridges broke down. It turned into a dead village, an island surrounded by water. Only three persons visit Uncle Sasha from across the river: the silent Alexei, the always drunk Morozov, and the last peasant, Komarov, who is searching for answers to questions that torment him. In his loneliness, Uncle Sasha slowly becomes part of the landscape. All his activities look like rituals. Every spring he builds a bridge that is smashed by ice every winter. He sees the causes of decay in external forces: in the influence of European civilization, in the abandonment of roots, in the machinations of enemies."

Seven Stars Above Nagorno-Karabakh (dir. Martin Mahdal, 58', CZ, 2018)
"Nagorno-Karabakh, the name of a region that few people in Europe can locate geographically, is located in the southern part of the warfare of the troubled Caucasus. How does it live in a state that no one has recognized in the world? Seven stars over Nagorno-Karabakh are introducing the Czech spectator to a state that no one has ever recognized in the world. The ideas of how he lives in such a territory are very distorted if we have any. Nahar Karabach is a place filled with many mysteries and legends, a place that is interwoven with magical stories, instead of the beautiful nature and kind people."

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