The most viewed films of the East Silver Market at the 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF

30. 10. 2019

Author: Veronika Zýková

Everybody loves Top 10. This time, we have two for you. See the list of the most viewed films at the East Silver Market, which took place during the 23rd Ji.hlava IDFF (October 24-29), and look at the photos by Štěpán Lohr. If you are a film professional, contact us at info@eastsilver.net and request access to the library which is available online throughout the whole year at dokweb.net. Find more information here.

Ten most viewed foreign films at the East Silver Market 2019:

1. The Wind. A Documentary Thriller (dir. Michal Bielawski, Poland, Slovakia)
The halny wind comes in cycles, in every spring and autumn. One never knows if or when it turns into a destructive gale. Halny particularly affects the inhabitants of Zakopane and its area, changing picturesque mountain trails into a set for an untamed performance of a human struggle against destructive forces of nature.

2. Searching Eva (dir. Pia Hellenthal, Germany)

3. Odyssey (dir. Sabine Groenewegen, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal)

4. The Circle (dir. Margit Lillak, Estonia)

5. A Year Full of Drama (dir. Marta Pulk, Estonia)
Estonia is crazy about theatre. In October 2017 there's an announcement for a paid position to find someone who has never been to theatre before. The task – to watch and review every Estonian theatre production of 2018. From 450 job applicants 21-year-old small town girl Alissija is hired. Coming from the Estonian periphery and a Russian-speaking family, she knows nothing about Estonian performing arts, actors, nor has ever been to any of the theatre houses. After moving to the capital she's ready for her first theatre show. With over 200 performances to see, what will happen to her?

6. (***) fish (dir. Filip Bojarski, Poland)
A short film about consciousness inspired by a poem *** (it's about time) by Tadeusz Różewicz.

7. The Deathless Woman (dir. Roz Mortimer, United Kingdom)

8. Transnistra (dir. Anna Eborn, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark)

9. The Tough (dir. Marcin Polar, Poland)

10. Camorra (dir. Francesco Patierno, Italy)


Ten most viewed Czech and co-production films at the East Silver Market 2019:

1. The Kings of Šumava (dir. Kris Kelly, Czech Republic, Ireland)

2. FREM (dir. Viera Čákanyová, Czech Republic, Slovakia)

3. #sandrainuganda (dir. Filip Remunda, Czech Republic)
A Czech NGO invited Sandra Kisić, a twenty-six-year old influencer of Bosnian origin, to come to Uganda. She spent ten days in and about the town of Kabala. Besides the local citizens, she was accompanied by a Dutch volunteer who already was on her umpteenth mission. Sandra, on the other hand, saw poverty and technological backwardness for the first time in reality, not just on her cell phone that she practically did not put down. The director captures the clash of seemingly remote, yet equivalent worlds facing up global challenges as an impartial observer to emphasize numerous tragicomic paradoxes.

4. Kiruna – A Brand New World (dir. Greta Stocklassa, Czech Republic)

5. Talking About Adultery (dir. Bára Jíchová Tyson, Czech Republic, United States of America)

6. Jaroslav Kučera A Journal (dir. Jakub Felcman, Czech Republic)

7. Never Happened (dir. Barbora Berezňáková, Slovakia, Czech Republic)

8. The Sound Is Innocent (dir. Johana Ožvold, Czech Republic, France, Slovakia)

9. The State Capture (dir. Zuzana Piussi, Slovakia, Czech Republic)

10. Viva Video, Video Viva (dir. Adéla Komrzý, Czech Republic)
The film happens to be directed by the granddaughter of Radek Pilař, and wellknown creator of beloved Czech children animated series such as Rumcajs and somewhat less known as a pioneer of video art in Czechoslovakia. The documentary brushes the dust off of those old VHS cassettes to get a glimpse of early electronic images in our country and uncover the yet unmapped history of pre-revolution Czech video art.Decades later they all “videists” (Skala,Vasulka,more) still share their enthusiasm, obsessive curiosity, and futuristic visions about the use of new technologies for artistic expression.


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