73 min


The Gold Spinners


Directing: Hardi VolmerKiur Aarma


The Gold Spinners tells the story of the birth, glory and downfall of a peculiar, invisible and mighty business empire. It’s a story of the film studio Eesti Reklaamfilm – the only enterprise producing commercials in the Soviet Union. It might have been born in the head of one man, but during its heyday the studio provided employment for hundreds of people and its clips won over millions. And all this in the “socialist empire”, under the conditions of planned economy and universal lack of everything. With no actual goods to advertise, marketing rules did not apply and even the word advertisement sounded almost as horrible as “the CIA”, “the saxophone” or “Coca-Cola” to the thousands of concerned officials.


A Funny Probe Into the Absurd World of Soviet Commercials
15. 6. 2016

A Funny Probe Into the Absurd World of Soviet Commercials

The inhabitants of the countries of former Eastern Bloc can still remember the absurdity of television commercials in the socialist era, when such products as salad or things permanently out of stock were advertised...
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