67 min


Traces of a Landscape

Jan Jedlička: Stopy krajiny

Directing: Petr Záruba


The painter, photographer and filmmaker Jan Jedlička lost the landscape of his youth. The political situation after 1968 forced him to emigrate from Czechoslovakia. He settled down in Switzerland. For almost 10 years, he was looking for a new inspiration when suddenly, during a holiday trip, he felt in love with the landscape of Maremma region in Tuscany. He found his new artistic home there and, as an artist, he began from scratch.

A characteristic feature of Jedlička’s works is earthiness. He collects colourful rocks and produces his own pigments that he uses in his paintings. Thus the depicted landscape becomes a part of the picture through the pigments collected there. In today’s abundance of unlimited digital possibilities, he turns to the most archaic methods of capturing the world.



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12. 12. 2020

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