60 min

In development

Jacob's Journey

Directing: Joanne Popinska


Jacob’s Journey (working title) is an immersive VR documentary that invites the viewer to meet and interact with Holocaust survivor, Jacob Goldstein. Jacob is a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who went through the Auschwitz and Dora concentration camps. With his interview as the first, the project is being designed to expand over time to incorporate interviews with other survivors, to show how those stories are similar by revealing the elements that connect them while highlighting how each survivor’s story is as unique as their individual personality, life, and fate.

There are only a few Holocaust survivors left who can speak of their experience first-hand. Capturing their stories in a timely manner is critical, as learning about these events through first-hand conversation is the most effective way to communicate and understand such monumental historical events. The use of VR creates an empathetic connection between the storyteller and the viewer which deepens the retention and comprehension of the subject matter.

Our state-of-the-art, high-quality stereoscopic-volumetric capture system makes figures appear genuinely present, allowing us to forever enshrine their experiences, wisdom, and knowledge to impart to future generations.

With the power of immersive media, the audience will have a very intimate and personal experience as the storytellers share their memories. Instead of being “lectured to”, they will feel like they are talking to someone they’ve actually met.

Using the project as a historical archive tool will ensure the survivors’ testimonies are preserved, while at the same time creating an engaging interactive account for future generations to learn from using current technology.



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9. 11. 2022

Projects and films supported by the IDF at IDFA 2022

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