80 min

In development

Love and Capitalism

Directing: Bara Jichova Tyson


We imagine that kids from different backgrounds have different futures, but what do kids imagine for themselves? Love and Capitalism is a documentary essay grounded in the director’s dilemma about how to raise her son in a global society where money matters more and more. The film explores how children express different understandings of our world and the future. Set in a vast white laboratory, children co-create their ideas of today’s society, putting up a mirror to the values we are passing on to them and showing us a new way of existing: the digital world. Using live collage sequences, interviews, footage shot by kids, and a magical object, The Time Machine, the film documents how we are, or perhaps are not, preparing children for what’s coming. Are we engineering our children to succeed in the global system? And if so, is it a system that will ensure or destroy their future?


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