70 min

In development

Young Blood

Młoda Krew

Directing: Agata Baumgart


Emilia is 16 when she decides to die for the first time. Fortunately, a vigilant psychiatrist manages to send the girl to a child psychiatry ward in time. Since then, Emilia will end up there several more times and meet girls who, like her, experienced a mental health crisis at a very young age. Today Emilia is 20 years old and is still fighting for her life, trying to control the recurrence of severe depression.
Zosia is 20 years old and as a teenager she experienced her parents' turbulent divorce. It was around this time that her eating disorder began. Bulimia was a way to regain control over her life - her body.
Julia is 20 years old. When she was 13, her parents published one of her school performances on the Internet. Unexpectedly, the teen was the victim of a terrible wave of heckling from her peers. This experience led to depression, accompanied by eating disorders and self-harm.
Ola is 20 years old. Before she turned 18, she tried to take her own life. She struggled with depression and an eating disorder for a very long time, but her parents didn't think she needed specialist help. She waited until she was 18 so she could go to a psychiatrist and therapy on her own. However, the crisis was too severe for her to handle on her own. Only after an attempt to take her own life and a stay in a psychiatric hospital did Ola's parents understand that she needed professional help.
Emilia, Zosia, Julia and Ola decide to break the taboo and speak out about their experiences. Each story is different, but their goal is the same: to show solidarity and support to others struggling with a mental health crisis, and to help healthy people understand what lies at the root of their problems, how they can be helped and what they really feel. They want their peers not to feel stigmatised and alone in their struggle for health.


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