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I Am a Bird Now (Underling In Bird Kingdom)


When the first people arrived on the island, the birds set one of their own to meet them. The Bird had the body of a boy and the Lighthouse Keeper took the orphan in. Later the Boy officially became the King of the Birds Kingdom. To the great dismay of the people the King forbid picking the bird´s eggs for food. The first birds reserve of Tsardom of Russia was born. Inhabitants started to respect the birds: when in addition to the scientists, presidents started visiting the island, the community even started feeling proud of the bird companions they were no longer eating. In 1936 Mussolini sent over a box of Italy’s best wine. One day he started rearranging Italy in his image in the name of protecting the nature. After the Bird King was executed in 1942, people started looting the bird nests again.
Today the environment protection on the island consists of deforestation. The island hasn’t had a passionate and caring bird representative for a really long time.
In addition to this there is the absurdity of the fact that the same migratory birds who are eagerly awaited at Bird Kingdom every spring, can be legally hunted in another corner of Europe – at the crossroads of bird migration routes in Malta.
In 2018, the Writer moves to the island. Having a degree in biology and a deep inclination towards birds, he is also one of the most beloved and translated Estonian writers, being socially conscious and a controversial opinion leader. Does the Bird Kingdom have hope once again?
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