43 min


Shuffle: Politics, Bullshit and Rock'n'roll

Shuffle: Politike, Laknuer dhe Rock'n'roll

Directing: Mehmedaliu Ylber YaschaEdon Rizvanolli


Kosovo, 2004: Five years after the NATO-led campaign against Yugoslav Army Troops, six alternative music bands from Kosovo give their reactions to life in the UN-administered province, in which poverty, corruption, political instability, lack of jobs, and inconsistent electricity and water supply, have become daily norms.
In Shuffle: Politics, Bullshit and Rock 'n' Roll, members of these bands, whose musical style ranges from rebellious punk to lyrical pop, talk about music and politics in the non-country of Kosovo, reflecting on the rise of the nationalistic "Turbo Folk" music, and considering whether any of them might one day make it onto MTV.
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