90 min


Year of Marihuana

Rok konopí

Directing: Petr Slabý


Year of Marihuana follows a whole range of people dealing with cannabis, approaching its use from various perspectives. It introduces professor Hanuš, a scientist who dedicated his professional career to cannabis research. There is also Dušan Dvořák, an activist and founder of the "Cannabis Cures“ foundation. The film follows several patients who use cannabis as a cure for their diseases such as cancer or multiple sclerosis, presented is an official cannabis green house in Israel where cannabis is grown and handed out to patients. We see a variety of perspectives of politicians, police officers and addiction experts, conferences in the Czech parliament, footage from the Million Marihuana March and protests against cannabis riminalization. The film outlines the possibilities and limits of the medical use of cannabis. The questions of personal freedom and the right to health are also discussed.
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