90 min


Parchim International

Directing: Stefan EberleinManuel Fenn


In 2007, Chinese investor Jonathan Pang purchased an old military airbase in a remote area of Northern Germany. He wants to create an international hub for China, Europe and Africa, diverting international commodity flows to turn the small town of Parchim into a new centre of globalisation. A grand concept, but does it really suit this poor German region? The airstrip, unused for 17 years, is crumbling and the staff speaks no English, but the wild boars shot on the premises taste superb. Mr Pang crisscrosses the Earth in the interests of global trade. Filmmakers followed him for 7 years: to nouveau riche Chinese business people, to a slightly overwhelmed German district administrator, to a networking member of the federal parliament in Berlin and into China's deepest back country. An encounter between different cultures and belief systems: a tragicomedy with bitter insights into the bizarre reality of capitalism.
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