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Provincial Town of E

Уездный город "Е"

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves” - Eric Hoffer, an American philosopher.

This is an observational film portrait of a small provincial town called Elnya, were people because of their passionate and naive faith in their “heroic” soviet past easily become a typical victims of Putin’s regime propagandistic machine.
Elnya is one of thousands of small provincial Russian towns. The only remarkable about Elnya is that it was the first Russian town freed from German forces during World War II. Since then Elnya freezes in time. There is nothing happens in here except endless military celebrations of heroic soviet past. Military propaganda becomes regular background of everyday life in Elnya. Most people still believe in chimeras of Soviet past what is very handy for modern authorities. Unable to provide decent social perspectives, authorities manipulate on patriotic feelings of the common people, cultivating a loyal electorate. They create an image of an enemy, who becomes a good reason of declining living standards. Propaganda infiltrates into all areas of life of an everyman from his childhood to his private adult life. Filming Elnya for several years we catch this process.
The film is woven from observing public events, the everyday life of the town, and a closer look at the lives of several characters of different ages depicting how propaganda poisons their minds. By uniting their stories we paint a holistic picture of provincial life in modern Russia. We dip audience into informational and semantic space in which this provincial town lives.
In this case our main character is the town itself, whose inhabitants like in somnambulistic nightmare are wandering between soviet past and populist false slogans from their present, in fact losing their personality and true history.
Why do they do this and who is a real source of fear mongering? In our film we explore this eternal and painful for each country question.
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